Social Media

We offer advice on setting up your free pages on social media sites — like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And we make your posts more effective by creating landing pages on your website to convert your followers into buyers.

Social media sites — like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter — offer free services for people to interact with their friends. People spend a lot of time on social media sites — especially on Facebook. Social media sites also provide free services for businesses to promote their services and products.

Free Facebook Page

Facebook offers Accounts for people — and Pages for businesses. There are similarites and differences between profiles for people and pages for businesses.

For example, when you make a post to your personal profile, it will only be visible to your friends — when you make a post to the public page for your business, it will be visible to anybody who visits your page.

Facebook Posts and Feeds

When a person or a page makes a post, that post appears in the feed for that person or page — it may also appear in other feeds.

When you Like a person they may become your friend and your posts may appear in your friend’s feed.

When a person Likes a business page they become a follower of that business and the posts that business makes may also appear in the person’s page.

Business pages cannot like/follow people — but business pages can like/follow other business pages.

So if you want lots of people to see the posts from your business page, you need to get lots of people and business pages to follow your business page. Or you can pay to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising

You can also use online advertising on Facebook to promote a post to a much bigger audience — including people who do not follow your business.

Free Consultation

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