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Page Mine recommends that you promote your site by getting incoming links from other sites and by using traditional print media to give potential clients a reason to visit your site.

Search Engine Optimization — SEO

We design our clients’ pages to be found — so most of them show up near the top of the organic results — when potential clients search for the products and services they offer.

Link Building

It is easy to improve your position in the organic results — by getting incoming links from other sites — so most of our clients will not need to waste their precious advertising dollars on online advertising.

Advertising Online

If getting incoming links does not work for you, we recommend that you sign up for Google AdWords — which show your ad above or to the right of the organic search results.

Advertising in Traditional Media

You should also promote your website in your print advertising.

Increase your Organic Search Engine Ranking

Most visitors get to a web page by clicking one of the results of a search on a search engine — so it is important to have one of your pages show up when potential clients search for the products and services you offer.

The search engines only display pages that are both relevant to the search and important.

1: Create Relevant Pages

If one of your pages includes the text the searcher is looking for, then it will show up in the results. Page Mine carefully designs each page to clearly and accurately describe a single topic using your keywords in the form of text.

If your pages are filled with beautiful pictures, flash and irrelevant text — instead of relevant text — they will not show up in the search results. So you will not get any visitors from the search engines. You can remedy this by paying for ads adjacent to the results or by hiring Page Mine to re-design your site using relevant text.

2: Make your Pages Important

Your position in the results is primarily determined by the number and quality of the links there are to your site — from other sites.

If you want to get more visitors to your site, the best thing you can do is to convince as many other site owners as possible to provide links to your site.

Request free or cheap links from:

  • your business associations
  • relevant directories
  • your suppliers
  • related businesses
  • your phone company
  • your Internet Service Provider
  • anybody who will provide a link to your site

If your site is properly designed and you get lots of links to your site, you will get great rankings with the Search Engines and your pages will get lots of visitors.

Promote your site in Print

You should invest many times as much money advertising and promoting your site as you invest in the site itself. Most of this money should be directed to conventional print media.

Use your website address in all your print advertising including:

  • phone books
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • signs
  • business cards
  • stationery
  • invoices

Don’t just mention your site in your ads — give your readers a reason to visit, such as:

  • sign up for our newsletter
  • see what’s on sale
  • check out our new products
  • print our coupon

Properly incorporating your website into your marketing program is the most cost-effective way to increase your bottom line. © Page Mine Website Design Kamloops BC Canada