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Our mission is to help small entrepreneurs use the internet to promote their businesses in the most cost-effective manner.

Are you looking for an affordable effective website?

Page Mine charges about $600 for a simple site with 10 pages.

What do your websites look like?

We are proud of our work. Please visit our clients’ websites to see how we have helped them. Feel free to contact any of our clients for a reference.

Do I need a professional writer or photographer?

You are responsible for providing the text and pictures for your website in a digital format.

We have been rewriting the text and editing the photos on our sites for 15 years — and we think we do a good job.

However some of our bigger clients have hired professional copywriters and photographers — and we think they they do a better job.

Why hire a professional website developer?

There is a lingering myth that any graphic designer, computer graduate or even the kid next door can design a website. There are a plethora of desktop programs with a graphical user interface (GUI), like Dreamweaver, Front Page and GoLive, that let anyone create an attractive website. There are also many online Content Management Systems that claim to let anybody create or maintain a website.

Unfortunately such websites have serious problems that are not immediately apparent to the neophyte.

They achieve low rankings with Search Engines. They take forever to load. They don’t work on some browsers or devices. They have limited capabilities.

We use tools and techniques that have proven effective in developing large sites for major corporations. We use a simple text editor to create valid XHTML and JavaScript code to run on your clients’ browsers and PHP code to run on the host computer and interface with MySQL databases. This lets us make your website search-engine friendly, gives us better control over design and our pages load faster. We can also take advantage of the latest innovations like Cascading Style Sheets, DOM Scripting and Ajax long before they are built into the GUI programs. We give you a greater potential audience because we test our pages on different versions of browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome on different computers and mobile devices, using different operating systems, using different screen widths, with and without graphics, with and without Javascript, with and without Flash. We have been doing this since the web was invented, so we produce better pages, faster and — most importantly for our clients — cheaper.

Behind the scenes, we deal with an extensive network of experienced partners who specialize in niche markets such as domain registration, domain hosting, copy writing, graphic design, photography, video editing and conversion and audio/video streaming.

In turn, we offer specialized services to other website developers. If your site does not come up on the first page of a Search, ask your developer to contact us. If your developer does not know how to incororate something into your website, ask them to contact us. © Page Mine Website Design Kamloops BC Canada