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Page Mine encourages you to use your website in conjunction with free social networking sites like Google My Business and Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and social media sites like YouTube for videos, Flickr for photos, and Blogs for stories to provide more information to your existing customers and bring new customers to your business.

The emphasis on social networking sites is on interacting with posts from a variety of sources. Most social networking sites provide some limited facilities for sharing information on your website.

The emphasis on social media sites is on sharing a lot of information from one source. Social media sites provide sophisticated facilities for embedding stories, photos or videos on your site.

Google My Business and Google+

If you have a local business, you need to get your business on Google so it will show up on the map in searches on Google, Google Maps, Google Earth and Google+. If you do not serve customers at your business address, you should still get your business on Google and set service areas based on the zip codes or cities you serve, or on a given area around your location.

You need to sign in to your personal Google account to get your business on google.

When you verify your business information, Google will automatically create a Google+ page for your business.

Google+ is the social networking component of Google. Google+ allows people and businesses to post stories which can include pictures, videos and links.

After you have added a business to Google, you can sign in and act as yourself or as one of the businesses you manage. You update your business information using the Google My Business dashboard. And you update the Google+ page for a business by switching to Google+.

Google makes it easy to embed their map on your own site, like we did at: Contact Pine Street Guest House.


Facebook is the most popular social networking service. It is used to post stories which can include pictures, videos and links.

Public Facebook Pages for businesses are like private Facebook Profiles for people. The important difference is that everybody can see a Facebook Page but only your friends can see your personal Facebook Profile.

You need to sign in to your personal Facebook account to create Facebook Pages for your businesses.


Twitter features short 140-character messages called “tweets”. Tweets can include pictures, videos and links. Unregistered users can read tweets, but you have to register to post tweets.

There is no distinction between personal and business accounts so it is easy to signup your business for Twitter.


YouTube and Vimeo are popular sites for sharing videos.

YouTube makes it easy to embed the videos on your own site, like Treehouse Developments did at: Inner City Homes Videos.


Flickr is a popular site for sharing photo albums.

Flickr makes it easy to embed photo albums as a slide show on your own site, like Halston Homes did at: Modular Home Pictures.


For 15 years, blogs have allowed authors to write articles about topics that might interest other people. People can visit the blog to see if there are any new stories — or they can use newsreading software that monitors the RSS Feeds they are interested in.

You can also use the feed from your blog to add content to your website:

  1. The Mortgage Centre uses free software from WordPress to write stories on their blog
  2. The application also creates an RSS Feed which contains some information about each story
  3. We added an application to their main site to use the info from the feed to incorporate links to the stories into the bottom of their Home Page at

News feeds (rss feeds) took off in a big way when Facebook decided to use them to keep people informed about what their friends were doing — including interacting with your website or facebook page. © Page Mine Website Design Kamloops BC Canada