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HTML files vs Multimedia Files

Browsers were designed to access HyperText Markup Language (HTML) files (.html extension). Page Mine creates HTML files — including graphics — which can be viewed in any browser on any device conected to the internet.

Other kinds of files are loosely referred to as multimedia. Your visitors will not be able to access multimedia files — unless they have downloaded and installed the appropriate software. Page Mine does not create multimedia files — but we do know how incorporate them into your website in the most effective manner.

Popular Multimedia Formats

Your visitors need Adobe Reader to access Portable Document Format files (.pdf extension), Flash to view Flash Animations (.swf extension) or Flash Videos (.flv extension), Windows MediaPlayer to view Windows Videos (.wmv extension), RealPlayer to view Real Videos (.ram extension), QuickTime to view QuickTime Videos (.mov extension), MS Word to access Word Documents (.doc extension) and MS Excel to access Excel Spreadsheets (.xls extension). There are hundreds of other formats that cannot be accessed with a browser but most website visitors will NOT have the software required to access them.

Printable Files — Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF files are quite large but they print better than HTML files.

If your visitors want to view and print your PDF files, they may need to install the free Adobe Reader.

If you want to be able to convert any file you can print to PDF, you can purchase Adobe Acrobat. Alternatively, Page Mine can quickly convert Word and Excel files to PDF for you. This will enable your visitors — who have installed the free Adobe Reader — to access these files — without having to purchase Word or Excel.

Last century, BC HomeShows used to print and mail their packages for each of their shows to their exhibitors. Now they put them on their website in PDF and let their exhibitors print them. This is more convenient for the exhibitors and it permits Jim to charge them less money to exhibit in his shows.

Audio Files and Podcasting

HTML files and pictures are tiny compared to audio files. However most people have high-speed access and most computers have software to play MP3 files — so it is easy for musicians to demo their music through a website.

If you like to talk, you can easily create your own audio files and upload them to your website.

Visitors can also put your MP3 files on an MP3 player and listen to them when they are away from their computers.

Video Files and Streaming Media

Video files take even longer to download than audio files. So modern browsers can start playing some files before they have finished downloading and there are even specialized servers that stream files as they are being downloaded. Our hosting includes streaming in RealPlayer format.

Feel free to create your own videos and upload them to YouTube for free and we will incorporate them into your website.

If you want your videos to look even better, we recommend Pro Video Services and Joy Factory Films.

We can even load multiple videos onto the same page — e.g. SIPs Installation Videos.

Flash Animations

Flash animations are expensive and Flash Players are not available for some platforms but they can make entertaining substitutes for pictures on your own site.

We like the subtle animation in the banner that Cam MacQuarrie created for Gold Mask Ventures. © Page Mine Website Design Kamloops BC Canada