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Page Mine can provide feeds on your site — so other sites can use information from your site — and we can use feeds from other sites — so your site can use information from other sites.

What are RSS feeds?

RSS Feeds are simply are a convenient mechanism for programs to store data so other programs can use the data.

Feed addresses are identified by the feed icon — Feed icon — so you can copy the address into a Feed Reader.

However, people are not meant to look at feeds themselves — they are created by applications for use by other applications.

RSS readers, feed readers and feed aggregators

Feed readers are desk-top applications or browser-based applications that allow you to subscribe to feeds. Instead of visiting each site to see if there is anything new, you go directly to the new stories that interest you.

Provide RSS Feeds to other sites

If you use a Content Management System to provide frequently updated information to your visitors, we can also create an RSS Feed, that can be used by other sites.

Use RSS Feeds from other sites

The Mortage Centre uses the feed from their blog to provide links to the stories on their main site.

Media RSS Feeds

Some feeds include thumbnail photos and Media RSS Feeds include links to media — large pictures, audio, video.

The thumbnail photos can be used to create slide shows. © Page Mine Website Design Kamloops BC Canada