Services :: Web Hosting

There are large economies of scale in hosting web sites and Page Mine is able to provide affordable, fast and reliable web hosting for your domain, by purchasing bulk hosting and reselling it to our clients.

Web Hosting Costs

We charge $180 / year to host your website.

Website Hosting Services

This gives you 3 gigabytes of storage space, 288 gigabytes/month of bandwidth and up to 30 email addresses like

Your domain hosting also includes free password-protected access to WebsiteOS to generate statistics on your website activity and to manage your email accounts. Some hosting providers charge extra for these facilities.

You can also login to WebMail to check your email from any browser.

There is no additional charge to run PHP / ASP programs.

There is no additional charge to host 3 MySQL databases either.

Additional Hosting Costs

These facilities far exceed what our existing clients require. You may need to pay more if you need a very high volume site with lots of videos. © Page Mine Website Design Kamloops BC Canada